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Rockets Dead Glare - "Another Junkie Story"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Rockets Dead Glare - "Another Junkie Story"

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Artist Bio:

Rockets Dead Glare brings an updated version of the classic California punk rock sound pioneered by such greats as Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and Green Day. This influence is evident on their debut, from the anthem-y chorus of "Fake Smiles & Bullsh#t", and the melodic harmonies of "Error Of My Ways", to the uptempo ultra-catchy hook of the single "Smart Phones For Stupid People". Singer/guitarist Nick Nicioli's lyrics range from the personal to the sociopolitical, while bassist Jeff Feuerhaken provides dynamic vocal harmonies to go along with drummer Dustin Keeney's solid foundation.

About The Video: The video pays homage to the short story and film, "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge", which depicts the unusual events surrounding a civil war soldier as he is about to be hanged. Jeff Feuerhaken directed and edited the video. Michael Kobzeff produced the video with Jeff. Ryan Christian was Director Of Photography. Erika Sheckells did hair and makeup. Raiven Lynn played the junkie.

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